Tree & Shrub Service

Unlike your lawn, which has one type of plant, your landscape is made up of many different kinds of trees and shrubs. Each type will develop different problems and require unique treatments. With our annual Tree and Shrub care program, your landscape plants fall under the watchful eyes of your technician. They will monitor your landscape approximately every 6-8 weeks for damaging problems like mites, bagworms, lace bugs, and diseases.

Shortly after you initiate the program, a landscape map is drawn and your property is inventoried for its contents. The map will be used to document the special problems your landscape has and how we treated for them throughout the year with each visit. If a problem is detected during their visit, they will mark the map, and treat the problem. With each visit in late spring through summer, you will be sent a copy of the map. As a result you know exactly what was treated and why.

Your visits will also include a spring and fall application of horticultural oil. Horticultural oil is a very effective way to control soft-bodied insects like mites, lacebugs and aphids with little harm to beneficial organisms, and is safe for people and the environment. Tree and shrub care applications are also available on a single application basis for problems like bagworms or Japanese beetles, or any other problem causing damage to your valuable landscape plants.

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